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Harare is home to a number of scintillating wedding venues. With the options on offer you are guaranteed a treat and style to your wedding. Summer is that season when Harare blossoms with weddings. The season is relevantly overwhelmed with weddings as everyone seems obsessed with exchanging vows during the festive period.

I assume the fairy tale in summer weddings lies in the singing birds and blooming Jacarandas.  Meikles Hotel, Gecko Gardens, Highlands Park, Wild Geese Lodge, Amanzi Restaurant, Emmanuels, Bushman Rock, Italian Club and Pandhari Lodge are some of the exclusive wedding venues in the city. The venues boast of beautiful settings to suit your taste.

Weddings are a big investment, and we are certain that you would not like to be disappointed  on the day. Planning is key to a successful wedding and it all starts with the venue. Securing the venue will secure your wedding.

Garden weddings are more ideal in summer. Gecko Gardens and Highlands Park will be keen to take you on a wedding fairy tale with their irresistible landscaped gardens.  Most of  these wedding venues can accommodate up to 500 people.

Book your wedding venue ahead and avoid disappointment. To book for your wedding venue, you can contact Eatout on 0772 328 688/ 04 2900 746. Lets give a toast to all aspiring weds and to the summer season for the new life!



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