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Samsung Galaxy S2 + Tweetcaster = Dinner Samsung Galaxy S2 + Tweetcaster = Dinner

Having had a great meal at the Le Francais Restaurant several months ago with Mevis from the African Sun Marketing Department I was excited to receive an invitation to the official launch of the rebranded Mono's Restaurant at the Monomatapa Crowne Plaza. Since the inviation was for one only I decided to try a little social experiment and tried to get our followers on twitter to guide me through dinner. I would have gone hungry if it wasn't for Saxum_Zimbabwe who usually comments on the financial industry in Zimbabwe.

Since there we more than 10 Starters to choose from I decided to narrow it down to a choice of two and the choice was between Calamari and Snails. My tweet received a swift response and the choice was made Snails.

The main course was a choice between Ostrich and an Aubergine main one I wouldn't usually have chosen but was happy to go with in an attempt to see if things had improved for Vegetarians who in my days in the industry received – Stir Fried Vegetables. The Aubegine and the vegetables had a decent flavour which was lifted by the tangy dressing that was served with the side salad.

The topping of the aubergine – Chef Makufa the executive chef at the Monos, chose a mozzarella cheese and my personal opinion was that this left the whole dish slightly flat. This particular dish could have done with a little extra “spice” or atleast a more flavourful Cheese. So although things have moved up for the vegetarians in Zimbabwe – I think we have some way to go.

For dessert the choice was between the Crepe Suzette – which I had prepared for me by the attentive waiter Makiwa on a previous occassion and the Creme Brulee. As I waited for the tweet to come through – I was using the data connection on my econet line – not always the quickest, but I certainly wasn't going to go through the rigmarole of getting the hotels wireless coupons, I realised that the only other table that had a single occupant was the photographer for the night. So I had to wonder if I might have been spared the option of having dinner with my Samsung Galaxy S2 and my Tweetcaster as my company for dinner that evening.

Creme Brulee it was to be and it was a great choice – my thanks go to @Saxum_Zimbabwe for guiding me through a great dinner and who know perhaps one day I can return the favour or perhaps we mught get to actually eat together, I am confident it certainly would have been far more interesting than dinner with my phone.

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