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Written by  Aileen Fernandes
Aileen Fernandes & Madhur Jaffrey Aileen Fernandes & Madhur Jaffrey Aileen Fernandes

Aileen Fernandes moved from Zimbabwe to the UK recently and has a keen interest in food.  We invited her to share her experience of cooking with the world famous Madhur Jaffrey and this is what she had to say.

Recently my friends and I were contacted with and unusual proposition (completely random and out the blue) the opportunity to cook with a star and share with her recipes for her new book! Now regarded by many as the world authority on Indian food, Madhur Jaffrey is an award - winning actress and bestselling cookery author and is credited with introducing the Western world to the many cuisines of India!

Needless to say we accepted with alacrity! This proved to be an entertaining afternoon where we rolled up our sleeves pinned back our hair and made culinary magic for the TV crews and guest chefs! Professional Chef Bernie of Bernie’s Goan Kitchens was blown away by “the talent displayed by our younger generation” and highly commended our efforts! For my friends and I it was an opportunity to showcase the skills our mothers taught us and share with one of the most acclaimed personalities in the Asian world, recipes passed down for generations!

Each recipe has a unique twist as families tweak the spices and even the countries we settle in play a part in selecting the flavors! My Goan Prawn Curry was definitely served with a side of home. Dished up with basmati rice and a chilli mango salad (just how mum does it) I have to admit it looked pretty good! Cooking with Madhur! Not bad for a fledgling girl from Zim… hey?

PS. Madhur’s new book comes out later this year and her new series will be aired at the end of the year! Look out for it then!

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