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Since we moved our offices to Mount Pleasant, I decided to go and scout for a lunch one day at the University of Zimbabwe. In the recent years, it was quite irritating to drive by the gate of the university as it was always polluted with food vendors selling food from cooler boxes by the roadside or from their car boots.

There were a lot of students queing for the food and would eat it there and leave a tonne of garbage behind that the food vendors would not bother to collect after they had finished operating their illegal business.

It was a pleasure this time around to find the same area clean; no vendors, no student queues, no munchers and thankfully enough, no garbage! Instead when I queried where and what the students were eating, I was directed to the new Student Union Building where there is a tiny kitchen outlet tucked in front of a three-isle tuckshop.

When I asked what was offered, they said there was a choice between rice and chicken, sadza and tripe or rice and sausage. I went for the rice and chicken. It only cost a $1 and it was packed in a small styrofoam plate and was a combination of rice, chicken and coleslaw.You can also buy a warm meat pie. The taste of the rice dish was very bland. Not surprising, as it is food that is mass produced and sold at a very affordable price for a student. It was still filling though, and may I add that this is a much healthier option to have food prepared in a registered canteen where health officials have access; rather than exposing students to typhoid and other bacterial deseases if they buy food off the street.


The University of Zimbabwe underwent major challenges when water was shut down campuswide some few years ago. However, it seems these problems are now under control and now the residences are functional plus one can obtain food on campus. Congratulations to the UZ for restoring the health conditions. This, from what I see, appears to still be an ongoing operation to improve conditions. I hope their administration can continue to work hard to restore the university to the world class institution it once was.

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