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On a recent visit to the City of Kings, I couldn't help but notice how quickly restaurants and coffee shops (in particluar) have opened their doors in Bulawayo.

Middy's Spot offers you a variety of ciabattas and for those with a sweet tooth, you can treat yourself to a slice of cake. Judging by the number of cars lined up outside their premises, this is proving to be a popular “Spot” indeed.

The Cattleman has been in Bulawayo since 1990.  Francis McGovern is the Steakologist behind this very successful restaurant.  Can you believe that this was where I had my first date, so its close to my heart.  I am sure those that have dined here have fond memories of it too.

Fancy a continental meal?  Then eat out at Bon Journee.  They not only serve a bon breakfast but light meals as well.  If you're vegetarian then there are a number of vegie bakes to choose from.  A place where good friends meet for good food at good prices.

The perky menu board at 26 on Park, tells that dramatic changes have taken place and a real taste bud experience is about to happen - Light fresh meals are served daily and a fine dining experience on specific evenings.  They are planning something very different
for Bulawayo with tasting menus instead of solid meals.  

Thee Coffee Shop offers tremazinni's and a wide selection of toasted sandwiches just to mention a few. You can choose to sit inside with a view of the racecourse or on the balcony on a hot summers day.

There is a creative hub for the artistic community here in Bulawayo and beyond. Indaba Book Cafe now has an open mic night serving artists through providing a platform for them to perform and develop. They have one scheduled for 17 September featuring BONGO LOVE and FRESHNESS
You can participate or just simply enjoy an evening out for dinner. If you are a pensioner, then call in on a Wednesday for you 10% discount.  

If you want to try something with an amazing modern slant visit Wes & Janes and experience the work of a trend setting Chef.  This quaint restaurant is full of character.  We recommend that you phone ahead to book a table.

For that portuguese taste you can call in to Cabana do Frangos which has relocated to Suburbs Squash Club on Pauling Road.  Best you call ahead to book your table.

Other coffee shops include River Cafe, La Piazza, Cosmo's, Rumour Has It, Musicafe, The Berry.  If you're after Pub style food, choices are Mojo Lounge Bar (BAC grounds) & Time (Macdonalds Sports Club).

For visitors passing through or night-stopping in Bulawayo, please visit the Bulawayo section of the website and take your pick of where you would like to eatout and contact our call centre on 04-2900 746 to make your booking.

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