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Situated in the hills of Highlands, Pagokoro is a family restaurant which offers more than just a dining experience. You can also visit Pagokoro to treat yourself to a massage, a manicure or pedicure, or you can even work out in their gym which is equipped with state of the art equipment.

On the food side, Pagokoro serves a range of African cuisine, with a blend of the western continental. The kiddies menu features lasagne and hamburgers, and the favourite food ordered from the bar is the Pagokoro burger. There are several places to dine that you can choose from. There is the main house which features two main dining rooms, there is outside seating in the backyard, and there is also the bar which is located in a separate building.


If you choose to you can have a lot of fun at Pagokoro. They offer a unique feature which is the cushion room. The room is furnished with beanbags, and you may request the music system where you can connect your cellphone or flash disk and play your own music and have a party with your friends. This room is popular with the ladies and is available at any time although a booking is recommended.


The bar is a social meeting place, particularly for the younger generation. It features 6 bar tables, the bar counter and a lounge area. You can play pool and darts for free while tasting the various cocktails that the barman is trained to serve. If you want to stay over, Pagokoro also functions as a bed and breakfast. As you can see, Pagokoro is more than just a restaurant!


The restaurant has recently celebrated its first year anniversary, and already it has become a favourite of many. Judith, the hostess and proprietor, says she has many regulars, and even though Pagokoro is situated in the heart of the Highlands residential area, she gets regular customers driving in from Mount Pleasant and even Mabelreign. She expects up to 40 people to visit the bar on a good night. The restaurant seats up to 50 at full capacity. They also host special events such as birthday parties, engagements, bridal showers and company conferences. Unfortunately, Pagokoro could host weddings but there is not enough parking space. In it's short history, Pagokoro also hosted a women's business fair which was very successful. We hope they will host another one.


If you are wondering about the meaning of Pagokoro, it means “a meeting place”, derived from the name of the place where cows congregate to get their salt fix i.e. The salt pan. Pagokoro also features a special menu item called padare which is a meal prepared for six people to feast on together.

Pagokoro is one of our participants in Eatout Restaurant Week. Bring your friends, family and business colleagues for lunch or supper and enjoy the African Cuisine. I has the opportunity to taste the jolof rice. It is a delicious blend of rice with different types of meat and prawns, vegetables and an array of spices, served with zucchini and carrots. This is a West African dish.


You may visit Pagokoro for your fix of mabonzo, madora, matumbu and other popular local dishes, all served with our favourite sadza. You may order a continental meal as well if you are tired of eating sadza at home.

During restaurant Week, 20 people, randomly selected, will receive a complimentary bottle of the Pagokoro house wine. If you have not visited this restaurant, then Restaurant Week is your chance. Go ahead, invite your friends, and call Eatout to make your booking.


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