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Dinner Club & Da Eros

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I went to Da Eros a few months back, and mentioned it in my piece 'Steak One Steak Two' where I was rather unimpressed with the service. On my second visit, I am happy to take it all back though, as the service and the food at Da Eros Trattoria this time proved to me why this is one of the top eateries in Harare.

My former high schoolmates and I started a Dinner Club at the end of March, where once a month we meet up to have dinner at a different venue, within a reasonable $15 - $20 per head allocation where we can catch up on each others’ lives as a group of six or more. It’s been therapeutic to have this time; as a lot of us are going through the same issues having returned from out of the country within the last year and are now either working, searching for jobs or long settled. 

The end of last month saw us at Da Eros Trattoria on a chilly Thursday night. We were seated outdoors in one of their tents, yet the busy vibe, the friendly owner and attentive waiters were more than enough to warm us to the establishment. Us early birds received their complimentary bread basket with condiments and two salads while we waited for rest of our party to arrive. Let’s not mention names, but others simply didn’t turn up after RSVPing they would and someone, she knows I love her really, was an hour and a bit late even. ;)

Because it is an Italian restaurant, pizza and pasta are their specialities. This time i ordered the seafood carbonara and managed to negotiate for a lot more prawns, so it’s worth a try to do the same in future. All together, we probably managed to order each of their pasta dishes and we knocked back a few glasses of wine while we were at it. The highlight of the night, besides the gossip, was probably the unexpected (free) limoncello and the also welcome (free) fresh fruit at the end of the meal.

Da Eros Trattoria is definitely a restaurant I would return to, particularly with a large group of friends, as it’s just that kinda Italian place...

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