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"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch." - Orson Welles

Welcome Back....

It was with great excitement a couple of years ago, that I noticed that the Pomona food court had acquired a fish and chip takeaway in the form of Supreme Surf and Turf. That establishment was quickly followed by Antonios opening and suddenly not only did we have a place to buy fish and chips (The ultimate takeaway food for us Landlocked Zimbos), but now we had a choice of places (or should that be Plaices). Well move ahead to 2012 and Supreme Surf and Turf has evolved again, and in quite a clever way if you ask me. So............ All Aboard the Oriental Express ladies and gents.

Yes, the Oriental Express now exists where Supreme Surf n Turf were, next to Chicken Hut. However in order not to totally alienate their loyal fish followers, they have kept the "Best of" menu items from Surf and Turf. Kingclip ($9) or Hake ($7) & Chips, Calamari ($7) & Chips and even tasty little fish nuggets ($5). However it is the Oriental part which now catches the eye. Since the closure of the Beijing restaurant in Helensvale and the Thai Thai in Philadelphia, Borrowdalians have had to make the trek to Avondale, Belgravia or Highlands for their Chinese fix. So the Oriental Express promises to be fairly popular. A chat with the friendly staff has revealed that since the change over they have experienced an upsurge in trade, and so I thought that they would be well worth a try.

Regular readers will know that I am a fan of Chicken, Green Pepper and Black bean sauce, and so seeing that on the menu, I knew exactly where to start my order. Add on to that, a beef chop suey, some sweet and sour vegetable (Yes vegetables....Remember B.I.R.P!) and of course there is no chinese order complete without a spring roll or two. Oriental Express offers individual portions of chicken and veg, chicken and mushroom, chicken and noodle ($3) or plain vegetable spring rolls at $2, or 7-in-a-box for $5. Good value if you ask me

 All the Chop sueys, Black bean dishes and the Sweet and Sour options range between $7 and $9. The beef chop suey was a standout for me. Tasty, tender and delicious. I would order it again. However, the chicken, green pepper and black bean, didnt quite match up to the one which is made at Kowlees in Avondale (My gold standard as far as this dish is concerned). They also sell rice and noodles (all $2) to accompany your meal. I have to say that the fully packed Spring rolls were quite good also, and not too oily which is great for those of us who have already been deemed "cholesterol-rich" by the doctor. If neither fish or chinese is tempting your tastebuds, then there is a couple of Indian and Thai dishes on the menu which I have yet to try. (eg. Butter Chicken......Needless to say a further visit may indeed be necessary) 

All in all I would have to say that the Oriental Express is a welcome addition to the ever expanding array of offerings available in the Borrowdale area. The fact that they have kept the old favourites too, shows that they take note of what their customers like and for me that is a trait to often ignored by our restaurant industry in Zimbabwe. Oriental Express are open everyday from 11 AM and can be contacted on 0778 092 795.

A B.I.R.P update. Spin class attended - 1 (completed 1/2); KM walked -  10 (Golf course and Treadmill); Chocolate Eggs released from captivity - 5; Ice Cream Consumed  - 2lt; Weight Loss .......-1kg. Wait wait, this does not seem to be how its supposed to work.  You know the problem with Easter eggs and chocolates is that people always seem to give you more. However now I have rid myself of the last of them, I can now get back to my healthy eating and exercise. Anyone else care to share on how their Easter Binge recovery sessions are going. If you do, please feel free to post here or on facebook.

Well I am off now. Have to replace the chocolate rabbits in my fridge with Rabbit food. Til next time......ENJOY!!!

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