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Going Mexican with Guacamole

Have you tried guacamole as part of the tapas served at a restaurant or as part of the hor d'oeuvres served at a cocktail party, and loved it so much you would like to eat or serve it at home.

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Who doesn’t love ice cream? For all over the years we have known a great variety of nice ice-creams, mouth watering at first glance and we love even more.  It's commonly known there are no doubts with an ice-cream one way or the other its good.  The creative geniuses across the world keep inventing crazy new flavors to tempt (or shock) our taste buds.  I would love to taste these, imagine a lobster ice-cream.

1.  Bacon Where to get it: The Ice Cream Store Rehoboth Beach, Delaware What's in it: African vanilla ice cream with bacon bits

2.  Lobster Where to get it: Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium Bar Harbor, Maine What's in it: Butter-flavored ice cream with lobster chunks

3.  Akutaq Where to get it: Throughout Alaska What's in it: Whipped animal fat, berries, sugar, and boiled fish

4.  Mexican Chocolate Where to get it: Cafe Pasqual’s Santa Fe, New Mexico What's in it: Chocolate ice cream, Kahlúa, chile pequín flakes, cinnamon, almonds, and instant coffee

5.  Breakfast Bash Where to get it: Max & Mina’s Homemade Ice Cream Queens, New York What's in it: Maple-walnut ice cream, pancake and French toast pieces, confectioners’ sugar

6.  Guinness Where to get it: Amy’s Ice Creams Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas What's in it: Amy’s sweet-cream mix with Guinness beer

7.  Cold Sweat Where to get it: Sunni Sky’s Homemade Ice Cream Angier, North Carolina What's in it: Ice cream base, hot sauces, and pequín, habanero, and Thai chili peppers (store owners ask you to sign a waiver before you eat this!) www.rd.com

Zimbabwean restaurants on the other had are rather conservative when it comes to ice cream or even desserts in general.  The most common ice cream you can find is a Ice Cream with Chocolate sauce.

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