I was recently running through an old copy The Irish Times - November 20009.  When I came across a wonderful article by Fionna McCann.  In this article she bemoans the challenges of being a vegetarian - I have never been a vegetarian myself but have always been facinated with the limited options that have been offered to vegetarians in Zimbabwe. 

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Sunday, 15 April 2012 09:14

The Codfather Restaurant Week Menu


The Codfather

15 Dacomb Drive, Chisipite, Harare
3 Course Lunch or Dinner $15.00 per person.


Pickled Fish served on a bed of lettuce
Brandade with melba toast - (sharp garlicky fish pate)
Anchovy Pizza - Margarita Pizza topped with anchovies


Prawns - crumbed and butterflied served with chips
Original Fish Pie topped with mashed potatoe
Russian Salmon Steaks topped with tomato and fennel sauce served with crushed potatoes


Phyllo Baskets
Chocolate Mousse
Ice Cream with Strawberry Coulis

Chef :


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Sunday, 15 April 2012 09:06

Imba Matombo's Restaurant Week Menu

Imba Matombo

3 Albert Glen Close, Glen Lorne, Harare
3 Course Lunch or Dinner $15.00 per person


Wild creamy mushroom soup with herbed croutons

Bacon wrapped shrimp with a Basil & garlic Stuffing
Shrimp wrapped  bacon  & stuffed with a basil, garlic  stuffing , served with a BBQ sauce

Some steamed & some served raw vegetables with a dip of Greek origin made from yogurt, chopped cucumber, mint, and garlic


Butterflied sirloin steak served with mushroom garlic sauce and potato croquettes

Fillet of hake fried in butter served with butter parsley and baby potatoes served with classic tartar sauce

Bacon wrapped pork fillet with a creamy mustard sauce served with a ginger mash

Mushroom Brown Rice Risotto
A classic vegetarian dish, slow simmered risotto in a vegetable stock & white wine with 3 type of mushrooms served with parmesan cheese


Malva Pudding with a custard sauce

Fruit & cream Tartlet

Chef :
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We're giving you the chance to win a $100 night on the town just for voting. Three lucky winners will get a gift voucher to spend at their favorite Harare Restaurant - all you have to do is log in and vote for your favorite restaurants.

The process is totally simple:

1. Go to this page and register OR simply log in with Facebook

2. Get voting and commenting! Every restaurant you comment on will count as its own entry - so do as many as possible!

The contest starts today and goes through April 30 2012, giving you plenty of time to vote (and to plan where you'll gorge on $100 worth of good food & wine). We'll choose the winners by going through the reviews and picking the best - so be descriptive and witty when leaving your comments. Good luck!

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 05:36

A 360 Degree Walk Through

There are several websites that are able to show you a 360 Degree walk through restaurants and although we are not able to do this for you just yet, here is a physical walk through the 360 Degree restaurant in Harare. If you haven't been there yet this is a useful preview.
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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 09:23

Harare Restaurant Week

We are pleased to announce the Harare's first Restaurant Week (HRW) will take place over a nine-day period beginning Friday, 18 May and finishing on Saturday 26 May. This premier event is designed to showcase the diverse culinary experiences our city has to offer its residents and visitors.

Thursday, 08 March 2012 21:01

Why No Thai?

Thai food. Why on Earth is there none to be found in Harare? I’m an Asian fusion food lover and quite frankly, I’m getting tired of having to pick between Shangri-La and the takeaways in Avondale, or even settling for sushi at Mekka, when all I really want is a great Thai green curry with some sticky rice and some litchi juice to wash it all down.

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Thursday, 01 March 2012 17:33

Some Like It Hot

Chilli's are one of the most polarizing plants there are. Due to its unique properties you either love it to hate it. I am in the first group, and can not get enough of chills. For me its the hotter the better… Well that statement is not entirely true! My upper threshold of enjoyment piques out at the habanero chilli, which is up there with the worlds hottest. But the science of the chillis has has created some Frankensitens, which quite frankly, scare the heat right out of me!

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