Pagokoro Restaurant Week Menu

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Pagokoro Restaurant

48 Ridgeway South, Highlands, Harare
3 Course Lunch or Dinner @$15.00 per person



Cream of Butternut
Cream of Mushroom
Served with bread cubes


Oxtail trio
Oxtail blended with tomato and onion, yellow and green pepper accompanied by vegetable leaves served with a choice of the following:
Sadza/ Mashed Potatoes/ Chapati/ Potato wedges.

Jollof rice
Rice mixed with chicken, prawns, pork and vegetables mixed together with thyme, ginger and garlic.

Dried mushroom mixed with chicken beasts served with a choice of the following: 
Sadza/ Mashed Potatoes/ Chapati


Water Melon in cranberry sauce
Ice-cream with fruit or chocolate sauce
Banana and apple blend.

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