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Sam Levy's Village, Borrowdale Rd, Borrowdale
3 Course Lunch or Dinner @ $15.00 per person


Greek Salad

lettuce, onion, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, green pepper, olives, feta 

Chicken Giblets A La Papa

Chicken giblets served with ala Beira

Haloumi Crunch

Deep fried & crumbled haloumi served with our famous sweet chilli & olive oil sauce


Choice of any pizza

may include prawns with your pizza

Fish and Chips

Beer battered fish & chips served with minted peas

Cafe Med Chicken

1/2 Barbecue chicken, cooled slowly on the rotisserie, spatched & finished off in our wood burning oven with peri-peri, garlic, onion, lemon & olive oil


Apple Crumble Tart

Granny smith apples baked in a flaky pastry with streusel crust & ice cream

Snow Capped In Chocolate

Vanilla scoops capped in our milky chocolate sauce


Real Creamy – made the Cafe way

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