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Butler's Restaurant

Newlands Shopping Centre, Enterprise Rd, Harare
Starter And Main Course $15.00 Per Person
Main Course And Dessert $15.00 Per Person
Three course meal $20.00 Per Person


Wild Mushroom risotto
Wild Mushroom Risotto Served With Pecorino Shavings And A Pesto Dressed Rocket Salad.

Beef Wet Biltong Salad
Loin Of Beef Cured With Toasted Coriander Seeds And Spices, Thinly Sliced And Served On Coriander Dressed Lettuce With Blue Cheese Medallions, Red Onion Marmalade And Herb Croutons.


Fragrant Tomato And Lamb Bredie
A Fragrant Tomato And Lamb Bredie Served With Steamed Herb Rice, Chapatti Bread And Sambals

Olive Crusted Tilapia
Black Olive Crusted Lake Kariba Tilapia Served On Seated Asian Greens Pesto Mash, Roasted Tomato Salsa And A Lime And Coconut Sauce.

Blue Cheese And Basil Gnocchi
Homemade Blue Cheese And Basil Gnocchi Served In Red Wine Sauce Topped With A Tossed Rocket And Herb Salad.



Mocha And Coco Fondant
A Warm Baked Mocha And Coco Fondant Served with citrus Analgise and home Made Almond Ice-cream

Seasonal Berry Tian
Seasonal Berry Layered With Homemade Orange Ice-Cream And Vanilla Meringue Served In tropical mango puree

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