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Those of us of a certain age are prone to reminiscing - fond memories of Café Med  flooded back when I dined in the completely rebuilt and beautifully refurbished Millers Cafe.  To this day I think that Café Med served the best peri-peri chicken in town which I suspect was cooked over coals (much superior to the present Rotisserie method!) as it was always available when ZESA power cuts prevented other more refined delicacies being cooked.  Very many and long evenings have been spent in Café Med, particularly when the power cuts first started and some of us had not organized alternative power sources and also in winter when the blazing open fire (still retained I was glad to see in  Millers Cafe) provided the necessary heat as well as cosy ambience.

So back to the present, Millers Café’s elegant design is similar to its sister (or should that be “brother”?!) establishment in Ballantyne Park, Millers Restaurant, utilising beautiful hard wood for the interior and shutter type windows giving the whole area a feeling of space and airiness. The Café atmosphere is created by the outside seating and “upmarket Wimpy” type menus with bright colours and pictures and a large screen television showing the inevitable Sports Channel on one wall. Previously I had only dined at Millers Cafe at lunch time so I was interested to see how the ambience would adapt to the more intimate dinner experience.  As at lunch time the restaurant was busy and noisy with hardly a table vacant and suitably dimmed lights provided just the right brightness for reading the menu. And that is a task in itself as there are a vast array of dishes on offer - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as well as casual snacks.  Breakfasters can choose a hearty steak dish (Rancher), a sophisticated smoked salmon omlette or something more subdued like muffins or waffles and everything in-between.  Lunch time and evening diners have a similar vast array – pizzas , pasta , salads,  schwarmas, steaks , chicken, including the fondly remembered Café Med Chuck , fish and chips ….I think you get the picture, plenty of choice, something for every taste and pocket!  And I mustn’t forget the wine list, in contrast to the menu it featured a restricted selection of wines supplied by that august establishment “The Stables Winery” but was none the worse for that as they were excellently chosen and fairly priced.

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