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Happy Valentine’s Day with a Gourmet Dinner at La Seranata Featured

Written by  Chiedza Chimombe

Are you planning to move away from the usual rice and chicken stew or pasta dish that you normally order when you eat out? La Seranata in Highlands have prepared an exceptional menu of a five course meal that will guarantee you and your partner an enjoyable evening and the urge to return for another meal at a later date.


The Amuse of poached quail’s egg served on hot smoked salmon with a sweet corn fritter is an eyebrow raiser to awaken your curiosity as to the rest of the meal. For the starter you will have a choice of scallops in wine with crouton or spinach and parmesan balls served with tagliatelle and love apple sauce. I would choose to try the ostrich carpaccio accompanied with gooseberries and cream.

Following the starter will be yet another appetizer of Scottish oysters in Bloody Mary. Now, oysters are world renowned for being a typical aphrodisiac. No doubt many couples will enjoy this teaser.

The main course menu will challenge you with the difficult task of choosing from an assortment of delicious gourmet dishes which include the following:


Board beef fillet, basil crusted John Dory with mussel ragout, grilled duck breast, roasted deboned thigh of chicken with chorizo sauce and mushroom risotto wrapped in spinach leaves. These will all be served with a variety of differently prepared potato dishes ( for example parmentier and coriander mashed potatoes) plus different vegetables and salads.

For dessert you may pick from a white chocolate and cardamom torte or milk chocolate mousse. I would try the Tia Maria dark chocolate cake, but I would also be curious to taste the mystic strawberries in black pepper served with whipped cream. You can also order a Valentine’s shot – poppy cherry in a cloud to find out what it is!

Valentine’s dinner would not be complete without some live background music plus a glass of chardonnay, merlot, cabernet or another of your favourite wine. La Seranata will have wine and other drinks available to accompany your meal, plus some gifts in store for you if you dine with them. You will definitely be spoiled on Valentine’s evening if you choose to dine at this restaurant.

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